Joshua Helfrich Memorial and Scholarship Foundation
Every day is gift you've been given, make the most of the time, every minute your livin'. ~ Chris Rice

With the incredible potential for growth of the Josh Cares Program, the Josh Cares Foundation, a newly incorporated 501(c)(3), was founded in 2007 by Dan Pierce.  With a large, energetic board of experienced volunteers, and a vision to enable Josh Cares at other hospitals around the U.S., The Josh Cares Foundation will be assuming the leadership role for the majority of Josh Cares fundraising.  You can learn more about this progam and its service and growth at this link.

Other smaller fundraising opportunities (largely for JoshCares) are also being planned by this foundation for 2009.  For the fourth year in a row, the foundation, with volunteers, will man a "water station" along the route of Cincinnati's Flying Pig Marathon on May 3, 2009.  The marathon water stations distribute water and Gaterade to the runners as they continue to the finish line and is a fun time for all involved.  Also, for the fourth year in a row, we will also be fielding a team of walkers for the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center Walk-A-Thon in mid October 2009.  

If you are interested in participating in the event planning, providing sponsorship, volunteering, or just curious, feel free to give us a call at 859-727-6339 or email us at